engage 2022

Hope Family,
I want to invite you to join us as we ENGAGE in 2022! My goal is that every person at Hope Tri-Cities allows God to lovingly influence every sphere of our lives by His Spirit, His Word, His People and His Mission. This journey as Followers of Jesus is much like a hiking or backpacking trip with designated stopping points and milestones.  Any successful trip requires a few things; some knowledge of where we are and where we are headed, the right equipment to help us along the way, resting points, the right people headed in the same direction and taking in the beauty of the journey.
Our intentions for the next Eight months is to go on a journey of discovery, community, purpose and becoming more like Jesus. Here is an almost comprehensive list of loosely held ‘sites’ we will try to hit on our quest as a church for the next eight months.
• Hire a youth pastor to reach more students (greater financial responsibility from Hope).
• Encourage ALL Hope Kids to go to summer camp this year!
• Create rhythms in your life to hear from God: Bible, Prayer, Sabbath.
• Discover your purpose and gifts: by serving the Tri-Cities and/or Hope Tri-Cities.
• Better Together: All of us in Transformational Community (small groups).
• Partner with the City of Richland and/or School District to serve our community.
• Celebrate, instruct and equip Hope leaders/volunteers.
• Cultivate our Global Missions Strategy by partnering with overseas missionaries.
• Clear communication of spiritual, missional and financial narrative of Hope Tri-Cities.

Download the ENGAGE 2022 flier here!