Will you give ONE DAY'S WAGE to help someone find freedom?

This month, Hope Tri-Cities and Rescue:Freedom are coming together to set people free.

Rescue:Freedom exists to empower the rescue and restoration of those in sexual slavery and to prevent exploitation. Rescue:Freedom works with 41 local partner in 23 countries. In the past few years, I visited two safe homes in La Paz, Bolivia and Bogota, Colombia. What I witnessed was incredible work being done to not only rescue women and children, but to bring holistic health to them as well as they reenter society in healthy and safe ways.

During the month of March, we want to introduce to you HOPE Tri-Cities' ONE DAY'S WAGE FOR FREEDOM campaign. Our collective work as a church will help bring freedom to women and children trapped in slavery. Our goal is that each one of us will dedicate ONE DAY'S WAGE of our hard earned income and generously give it to Rescue:Freedom.

We believe that part of the Tri-Cities' prophetic destiny is to rally together under the banners of justice and freedom. We've seen it happen in our past history. We believe it’s part of who we are.
Why do we say that? ONE DAY'S WAGE is not a new thing to the people of the Tri-Cities. Looking back into our region's history, you’ll recall that World War II began in 1939 when Germany invaded Poland and later the Soviet Union. WWII would take more lives than any previous war. The threat of tyranny and Nazi rule was real as Hitler declared war on the United States of America soon after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

You’re thinking, "What does any of that have to do with Rescue:Freedom and giving a day’s wage?"

Good question... In our very own Tri-Cities, our community rallied for a great cause! They came together and anyone who was able, gave a "day's pay" for a new B-17 bomber to help with the war effort. Each person was rallying for the greater cause of global justice and freedom.

We believe there is a direct correlation between HOPE and what occurred here in the Tri-Cities in the 1940’s. Both illustrate standing up to fight for justice and freedom. We are beneficiaries of the sacrifices of those rallying to fight against tyranny. We have freedom because of their sacrifice. And today, some can have freedom because of you. We are going to fight for justice and freedom for those experiencing slavery and trafficking. Will you give ONE DAY'S WAGE to help someone find freedom?
– Pastor Angel & Laura Esquivel


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