What is ROOTED?

Rooted provokes questions, conversations, and group experiences that are designed to help you find yourself in God's story. During Rooted, people begin to see God in new ways and hear His voice in surprising places. In a world that can be fragmented, isolated, and empty, Rooted allows people to experience a different way of life: community, intimacy, and generosity. Through this experience, people are inspired and empowered to live out their calling as a radical follower of Jesus. The word radical comes from the Latin root "radix, " meaning "a root." By rooting ourselves in God's Word and His truths, we have a firm foundation on which to love the world.

What is ROOTED like?

Rooted takes place over a period of 10 weeks. During this time, participants will experience various individual exercises such as daily Bible and commentary reading, journaling, and prayer. Participants also meet weekly in groups to talk about what they have learned. What God does in the group soon becomes the curriculum as the Holy Spirit moves people to open up and share personal stories and feelings. This is where transformation happens. Lastly, there are three additional experiences designed to deepen some of the areas explored during Rooted. These are fasting and prayer, sharing our faith with others, and serving together. After the 10-week experience is concluded, the group gathers with other Rooted groups to celebrate the journey.
Cost is $25 per person

Schedule & Important Dates:

February 5–April 15
Wednesday evenings 6:00-8:00 PM
at HOPE Tri-Cities

Prayer / Fasting Experience: Saturday, Feb. 22
3-6 PM at HOPE Tri-Cities
Dinner and Childcare will be provided

Serve Experience: Friday, March 13
Time and Location TBD

Celebration — Graduation & Water Baptism: Wednesday, April 15
6:00-8:00 PM at HOPE Tri-Cities
Dinner and Childcare will be provided

Additional questions? Email Pastor Bob Horn at b.horn@htc.church

ROOTED Registration